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"OWN FARM" - the game with Real Virtuality!!!

Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2021 3:09 pm
by MrTosha
Hey! I have an idea for the game "Own Farm" - 3D / 2D platformer based on the real farm, where Mr. Tosha is the main character - the virtual embodiment of the farmer itself is the site owner. In three-dimensional mode I want to use IndiEngine game engine!

The main feature that is used in the game project "Own Farm" is the so-called "Real Virtuality". This means that since the game is based on a real place and the protagonist is a real person, there is a great connection between the two. For example, after playing the number of points (points) in the game, it will be possible to gain access to the Finnish bath out of turn! Cool! Or, listen, I have such a very good thought - at the moment, urbanization is taking place all over the world. And the theme of hacienda (farm) is very well combined here.

So. For example, the main character - the farmer Mr. Tosha - has to feed a bunch of animals. Chickens there, ducks, geese, whoever else ... Cows ... Anything shorter. And to complete the levels, the main character must collect garden tools - scythes, pitchforks, rakes ... Anything. There are no end-of-the-edge bonuses that the player must collect. And in this somehow, this is how everything will be super!

It will be very interesting for both children and adults. Especially if you include all sorts of interactive things in the game - for example, I will send you, the coders-game designers, photos of my rabbits, ducks, chickens. For, for example, a player who has achieved something in the game (for example, scored a bunch of points) will receive a photo of a rabbit that will be named after him! That's cool! People will then "Oh, look, they named a rabbit / goose in my honor in real life!"

Therefore, we can give them a chicken, that is, de facto, a chicken grows on our farm, and throw off to these winning players a photo of how, for example, their prize - a rabbit / duck / goose is growing.

And another such moment! There are no saunas yet, so the winners will be able to include such a thing as a visit to the farm as a prize - this means that such a player comes to us to breathe the air, look at the beautiful views, and, of course, drink tea from samovar.

And stuff like that.

Here's a video. The design for the game is the very farm on which everything happens in the video. The main character is exactly like on the video (only, of course, in a cartoon style).

Re: "OWN FARM" - the game with Real Virtuality!!!

Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2021 8:23 am
by vadbor
Very interesting! Game in this style is great!

P.S. I did not understand what they say in the video, it is in Russian. Subtitles please?

Re: "OWN FARM" - the game with Real Virtuality!!!

Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2021 9:41 am
by MrTosha
vadbor wrote: Tue Oct 12, 2021 8:23 am Very interesting! Game in this style is great!

P.S. I did not understand what they say in the video, it is in Russian. Subtitles please?
Sorry! Subtitles there:
The territory of 2 hectares is a picturesque area, mountains - a view. The view of the mountains is beautiful. There we have already launched large chicken coops, the production of broiler chickens. In eco format, all in
eco format under the green banner eco product. In general, the general concept of the event is expected to be the following - at such locations, near a small river, the creation of some small recreation areas, that is, glamping is possible, a fashionable trend now is a fashionable direction. Perhaps a swimming pool or an eco pond is also possible. Another option is the Saki baths. At the root of the general idea is this idea - that is, to create here such ecological corners for relaxation, because nature itself created such beautiful places. It will be possible to arrange evening tea-drinking with a samovar ... There is little water in the river now, but it is always added and decreased. Here it is all now the task is to improve the planting of trees, conifers, deciduous species, and in these places it is actually planned to build a Saka bathhouse ... You can Finnish it - no difference. There are some children's fun here, little slides, hither and thither. There are 4-5 such locations here that you can place saunas and places of rest. Here, let's say a pool here with terraces of 2 hot and cold hot tubs. From here there will be a panoramic window overlooking the mountains. Everything - the water here, the purest water - tap, artesian, the river ... The light of the three-phase is all running ... everything is generally ready.

Re: "OWN FARM" - the game with Real Virtuality!!!

Posted: Sat Oct 16, 2021 2:31 am
by frunggle
Wow, a project from a Russian farmer!

Do you want a 2D-platformer or what? For don't forget that our engine is 3D! Therefore, although your ideas are not bad, they are not very suitable for the IndiEngine...

Re: "OWN FARM" - the game with Real Virtuality!!!

Posted: Fri Nov 19, 2021 2:38 am
by Igor_Ozerov
Hi all! friends, this project is moving, we apologize that very slowly, while funds are being collected, we are looking for programmers doing certain work in the code in C ++, Lua Zlib, at the expense of your Farm so that we would develop and create on our common engine as you want and in the end settle with us vegetables and food, so the project will not go far not to move at least certain funds are needed, there is no scam for money or the pulling of any funds needs to be discussed with our common kalegs on this site and to make a certain collection who will voluntarily donate any funds money even 50-100 $ we will naturally make a full report and even a video clip, Thank you all! friends who do not forget us! :cake: :roll: :P